Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Whole Lot of Knitting Going On

Even though the blog has been quiet there has been a lot of knitting going on. I took inventory of the projects I've knitted so far this year and I'm at 25+. I wish I had knitted more than one adult sweater but I'm pleased with all of the other projects. I still may be able to get in one more.

I have several projects that need to be photographed. Daylight savings time is killing me because by the time I get home the good daylight is already gone. I'm hoping to get some good photos this weekend. I also have 3 items that need to be blocked but the den is taken over by Christmas decorations. Mom is creating a different color scheme this year, we already have 3, which means they (mom and sis)are going through everything to pick out the right colors.

I finished the Volna scarf in the medium size. More details to come when the scarf is blocked and better pictures are taken.

I participated in Woolly Wormhead's Mystery KAL on Ravelry. She is a fabulous knitted hat designer. I was a little late joining in but I did manage to finish hat A. She has released the pattern as Bellefleur. It is the first hat I've knitted using fingering weight yarn and I loved it. I still have hat B to knit which has been released as Limpetiole. It is done in dk weight and has some of the same Elements as Bellefleur.

I received a request last year from one of my mom's friends for a hat and coordinating scarf. It took a while for me to decide on the patterns. I've finished the scarf which is in need of blocking and am currently working on the hat. The color is deeper and more intense than this picture shows. The hat is the Cabled Chapeau from Stitch Nation.

We had our final beading session of the year. We were joined by my mom and knitting friends Calvin and Gail. I made lasagna, Calvin made a wonderful salad and Millie made a delicious orange pound cake. My mom said she understands why we have such a great time when we get together.

Our project was crystal bracelets. We both used Swarovski crystals and Delica beads. I finished the blue bracelet while at Millie's and did the black one later that evening at home. This is my favorite project so far and I love the fact that I was able to complete the entire bracelet. I forgot to order gold jump rings so I still have to get some to complete the black bracelet. The pattern is Dazzling Diamonds from Bead&Button magazine.

I do plan to knit a few Christmas presents mainly hats. I'm adding some none-family to the list and I know they will appreciate them. I've made some beaded bracelets for the ladies in the family and still have to do the bags for the girls. Once the shopping for the boys is finished I'll be good to go.

This weekend I'm entertaining two young men so there won't be much room for crafting and after that it's time for the Christmas parties. Let the holidays begin.

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cici said...

sounds like you are all ready for the holidays♥ I love the bracelets. I am trying to get caught up over here, so that I can get ready for the holidays myself.