Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Slow Progress

This year has been a loser for me so far in the sweater department. While I have 3 cast on I've yet to finish anything other than two baby sweaters. I got a late start on the sleeves for my Circle and Butterflies sweater and in the meantime cast on a special sweater project, the Heavenly Blue Cardigan. The yarn is St-Denis Nordique and while it isn't that soft it gives great stitch definition. I've read on Ravelry that it does soften with washing.

The left front is almost finished and I'm hoping that I get at least the right front and one sleeve finished before next week. My 50th birthday is next Thursday and I'm having a cookout that weekend which means no knitting the end of next week.

Mom and I hit the road again this past weekend. We went to Edgewood Maryland to check on family friends. While it was a quick trip it was a nice getaway. They are both doing fine and the Mr Rainey is recuperating well from his knee replacement. I met their daughter for the second time and it was amazing how much we have in common. I also met her husband and her daughter was down from college to check on her grandpa. Sometimes the short quick trips are the best.

True to my word I didn't visit any yarn shops. Mrs Rainey was quite surprised by that almost as surprised by the fact that I wasn't knitting Sunday night. After traveling all day Friday and being busy on Saturday and Sunday I fell asleep on the loveseat without even picking up the knitting.

Tonight I'm watching one of my favorite shows, Top Chef, and I am hoping that Angelo goes home. He probably won't since he's done well most of the show. There's always a chef that gets on my nerves and this time he is the one which means that he'll be the winner.

It's time to break from the computer and get something accomplished before bed. Have a good night.


cici said...

Having 3 cast on, just means that you'll also have 3 FO's when your done. I couldn't agree with you more about Angelo. I was hoping he'd get kicked off too. I wanted Tiffany to win. I guess we'll find out next week who wins. I don't really care now. I stopped caring after Kenny left

Melodye said...

Well that puts you 3 fruther along than me! The next time you're here for a longer visit if you'd like to get together let me know. There a are some neat shops in the area.