Sunday, July 11, 2010


A few days ago I finally was able to arrange a photo shot with Mom to take pictures of the Summit shawl. Even though this project is very repetitive I didn't find it boring at all. I still have yet to cast on the red Summit due to other more important projects. I hope that I'll have it done for vacation.

Pattern: Summit Shawl from by
Yarn: Tess' Designer Yarns Raw Silk Silver
Needles: 4 Addi Turbo Lace
For: Mom
Started: April 5, 2010 Finished: May 11, 2010

Mods: I knitted thirteen repeats instead of the original 15 worked in the pattern. No other modifications needed. This design is true genius.


cici said...

another fantastic project♥ What a lovely model your Mom is♥

Amanda in GA said...

stopped over from Raverly to say hello to another SC gal :)

the Summit shawl is lovely you did a great job.

Acornbud said...

This is so pretty. It looks very complicated

Lolly said...

This is so beautiful! Your mom looks happy with it, as she should be! It looks wonderful on her ;)