Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No Snow Day

Okay, I didn't get my snow day. The truth is I didn't even see a flake. Lot's of rain but no snow. The state did give us a delay until 10:00 AM which I took full advantage of.

I changed the sock plan and switched to the Slipped-Stitch Ribs from Sensational Knitted Socks. I wish the Heart and Sole came in more colors. I would by more of it in a heartbeat. The color is Spring Stripe and it lives up to its' name.

My mind is all over the place. I have so many things that I want to knit that I keep checking and reordering my Ravelry queue before I'm even close to finishing what I'm already working on. That thing I said about having too many options is proving to be my nemesis. I'm seriously thinking about taking one day to go through the queue and stash in order to create pre-assembled kits. Usually once I've worked out a plan it's easier for me to settle down and get on with the task(s) at hand .

I've always struggled with the need to be highly organized and once things start to get out of hand it throws my whole balance off. I'm a perpetual list maker and I manage my stash on not just one place but three. I track my projects in multiple places and with the exception of my stash blog I some how manage to keep them all updated without expending a lot of time. It's one of those little quirks that make me unique I guess. Some call it OCD.


Monika said...

There's nothing wrong with being organized. My daughter loves to make lists as well. I sometimes write a shopping list, but always forget to take it with me. :o)

Barbara said...

My mom is very organized, and I wish I inherited a bit more of it. I start all kinds of lists, but alas fall down when it comes to maintenance.