Friday, February 20, 2009


I read somewhere that one of the pitfalls of modern-day society is that we have too many choices. From restaurant menus to clothing to groceries. This is definitely true when it comes to my yarn stash and patterns.

Most of the time I agonize over what I'm going to make or which yarn I'll use. There have been instances when I've gone to the store and bought more to prevent having to confront it. Today I thought I'd actually see how many pairs of socks I could knit from stash yarn.


Yes that is 1-5-9 pairs and that doesn't include several odd skeins. It is shocking and embarrassing. Four of the skeins are purchases from the recent Knit Inn in Greenville. When I go to a yarn shop for the first time I tend to buy sock yarn with the premise that it doesn't take up much room and I'll get a pair made. Boy have I been living in La-la land.

If I knitted a pair a month it would take me over 13 years to knit most of what I currently have. The sad thing is that it doesn't preclude me from purchasing more. I would love to try the elusive Wollmeise, Claudia's Handpainted, and Sweet Georgia just to name a few.

Even though I don't make and haven't made any resolutions for this year, I can tell what the theme will be...


Self control and self restraint. Making the most of what you already have. No promises, no guarantees just a concerted effort.

The transformation of Viveca has begun in earnest.

I decided to knit directly from one sleeve to the other.

It will all even out in the soaking.


Melodye said...

And that's only sock yarn! When the worldwide yarn famine hits, you'll be set. Or you'll be able to sell it and fund your retirement (VBG). Enjoy it. It's probably still cheaper than therapy.

Lillie said...

Hi Beverly. I met you at the Knit Inn with Lu and Lori. The sweaters you were working on there look great! And I bought some of the same sock yarn you did (3 balls of the On Line cotton blend). Lu shared your blog with me. Glad she did - I don't feel so bad about my yarn stash now ;)!