Monday, September 08, 2008

Catching Up

Wow! Time has really gotten away from me. While my knitting did go through a lull and I wasn't feeling all that great, I didn't realize that it has been well over a month since I last blogged.

Things picked back up last month and I've been working on the February Lady Sweater for the guild's kal. I've completed the first foot and started the second of my third pair of socks for SOS08.

I doubt that I'll get the fourth pair made since I'm busy working on some other special projects. One is the Andean Child's Cap for one of the special girls in my life. I need to add the straps and the pompom to complete it.

Last month I went to Florida for vacation and got caught up in TS Faye. The trip wasn't a complete bust as I got some knitting done and the hotel was great and the common areas very nice. The storm hung around for so long that we ended up driving through the tropical storm force rains on the way back home. That was an experience I hope to never repeat as there were times when I could barely see the highway.

It's time to think about Christmas knitting. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to knit any gifts. If I do it will more than likely be a gift for my mother. My hands are itching to knit some of the Noro that's stashed into some type of modular garment. I'd like to make a jacket or cardigan which highlights the color changes. That's the short list for the moment unless I get sidetracked by one of the UFO's calling for some attention.


cici said...

you are so right... where does the time go??? It looks like you have been busy busy busy. Those socks are beautiful.The child's hat is awesome. I didn't finished my 3rd pair for SOS08. I have started to many projects. I think I am not good at being promiscuous. I like being monogamous at a time LOL. :D

Vera H. said...

I haven't blogged so much this summer at all.

LOVE the hat. So cute.

Kathy said...

Maybe making A Christmas gift for ONE is a perfect idea. I miss your posts, but I understand. LOVE the socks. Gorgeous. Stormy torrential rain driving scares the pants off me. SO glad you are safe BEv.