Thursday, February 21, 2008


There's a strange feeling that comes over me whenever I finish a project. I'm not sure if it's the joy of finally being finished or the fact that I can search through stashes, pattern and yarn, for the next object to satisfy my knitting fancy. If truth be told this sensation washes over me at several points in the knitting process.

The first occurs when I decide on the pattern and which yarn I'm going to use. The second occurs when I can see the project beginning to take shape. The third when I've finished all the pieces and the fourth once I've blocked and put the garment together. Tonight I get to feel the thrill of blocking twice.

My beloved Skyline is complete. After numerous misteps and re-starts, all due to operator error, this sweater is complete and blocking.

I hope to christen this sweater this weekend while the cold front passes through.

Last week I completed all the pieces for the Ribbon-Edged Cardigan from Special Knits. I still haven't found the ribbon, but I have the cutest flower buttons and may just omit it altogether.

About a week and half ago I did an inventory of the number of wip's that are currently on the needles. Including projects that were cast on by me or adopted from my mother, I have a staggering 14 projects in progress. I've identified those that will be frogged and those that I'll see to completion. Over the next few weeks there'll be lots of early spring cleaning on this blog in preparation for the fruits of summer.

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Monika said...

Congratulations on completing your cardigan! I'm always in awe if someone can do that! I hope you'll enjoy it this weekend! Wow, so many WIP's, I would be in the madhouse by now, or would have a frogging party or something. :o)
Good luck with finishing some of them!