Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not On Sleeve Island

For the past 4 years, mom and I have been gradually increasing the number and types of flowers that we plant around the house. We've alway had azaleas, hydrangeas and for at least 15 years or more hisbiscus in various spots around the house. To enhance these plants we've added several variaties of daylilies, Gerber daisies, oriental lilies, 3-4 variaties of lantanas and along the back fence Lady Banks Roses.

With an eye toward procuring cut flowers, we've also planted several types of bulbs in various beds. These include gladiolas, daffodils, tulips and canna lilies. At one time we tried hollyhocks but only two glorious plants survived the brutal summer that year. We've had sporadic success indicative for the most part of the type of care they received while I was unable to work the beds.

Thanks to weeding and feeding and lots of tlc, I've been cutting daffodils for the house. This variety, which I don't know the name of, is about 15" tall and have flowers that are 4-5" in circumference. They don't have a smell but they are georgeous.

The tulips have begun to bloom, the gladiolas are coming up, the lilies have broken ground all around the house and the only laggers are the canna lilies. I'm not sure how these will do since only two of the approximately 25-30 corms have broken ground. These would be my only disappointment as I've planted about 6 different colors including a lush purple.

I've been recuperating from the nastiness that comes with the arrival of spring in South Carolina. Due to serious brain farts caused by said condition on Friday, I knitted the first sweater sleeve twice before I called it quits. Yesterday was a non-knitting day due to headaches, congestion, coughing and the other blahs associated with it. Today I awoke more refreshed and ready to tackle the challenge so there was progress. Sleevage!!!

I still don't get the shaping with the garter carriage as easily as I do with the main carriage. You have to proceed in totally different manner due to the needles having only one working position when using the garter carriage, therefore I have the telltale steps at the top were there were more than two stitches to decrease. Sleeve #2 is on the machine at this moment which fell silent about an hour ago meaning that it is time for the handshaping. Now that there's a break in March madness it's back to the machine.

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Yarngineer said...


This is yarngineer. Do you have any hydrangeas that stay below 4-5' that have tolerated full/partial sun? I need to do my homework on that. I would love a hydrangea, but unfortunately my yard receives sun on all sides, since I live in a new townhouse.

I am glad your flowers are doing well. I need to get out soon and plant my annuals.