Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chevron smevron

To the frog pond went the Chevron socks. While they were too small to get over the arch of the intended user, the leg was sized correctly. I'll have to think this one through before I cast on again. I've never knit socks for someone with such a high arch.

I completed the Green Red Turtleneck today. I was a slacker and used my swatch to save yarn. What I should have done was wet and hang the yarn to remove the kinks. It's looking a little sloppy where I joined it into the turtleneck and I'm hoping a soak will take care of the problem.

The WIP's list is a little out of control and even though spring is officially here, we're supposed have a freeze next weekend, I'm going to have to work extremely hard on moderating myself. There's Daphne from Elseboth Lavold's The Enchanted Garden Collection in Hempathy that I want to make for mom before she goes on vacation. Yarn's in the stash ready to make it's debut, book is waiting for the requisite working copy and the needles are ready to fly. With this one exception the next few weeks will be an exercise in self-control.

Yarngineer asked if our hydrangeas were in full sun. The answer is yes, every last one of them. With the construction of the addition all the remaining trees in our backyard were removed. This didn't affect the hydrangeas and the other flowering plants because most of them are planted in directly sunlight.

The canna's have started appearing! There are still a lot more to come up but now I have hope. They have relatively high water requirements so it will be interesting to see how they fare during the summer.

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