Sunday, October 01, 2006

Raking Leaves

It never seems to fail! I'm so loving this CTH sock yarn and it's not for me. It is the perfect match for mom's clogs.

The colors remind of the leaves after they have fallen on the ground and are ready for raking. The CTH Supersock is soft, cushy and sproingy. This pair will work up fast because I'm enjoying the yarn and don't want to put them down!

I'm on the leg of the second Bamboo Color sock and seriously doubt that I'll finish the Cotton Color socks anytime soon. I look forward to the cool weather when I can wear the few pairs of wool handknit socks that I own. This does not bode well at all for the two pairs that are currently on the needles. The State Fair starts in a week and half and usually coincides with a significant drop in the temp resulting in perfect sock and sweater weather.

I finished the front of Pumpkin this afternoon and appear to have a half-inch difference between the front and back before the armhole bind-off. A rather easy problem to solve and since the back is completely plain I'll make the adjustment on it. After that's fixed the only thing remaining is to block and seam it together before adding the hood.

I remembered where I put the yarn for the 2 Xmas boleros and retrieved the packs from the storage unit today. These work up pretty fast so I'm hoping to have the done in the next week or so. That is once I figure out were I put the Knits magazines. With things packed and stored in different places it's starting to get a little hectic.

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Vera said...

The color on the CTH sock is so pretty for fall.