Monday, June 19, 2006


Every now and then we have to be reminded that we're moving just a little too fast. Asthma does it like a brick wall. I'm very lucky in that I'm an acute asthmatic and rarely have an attack other than those triggered by allergens. When the 5 ton elephant walks across your chest you don't slow down you stop.
Even though progress was stalled for a few days, I've been picking up a little more steam as of yesterday. Clockwise from right:

1)Rachel in white Berroco Linet right front almost done, 1 sleeve to go.
2)Baby Cables are finally getting there. Less than 25% to go. I'm totally in awe of knitter's who like to use very dark colors!
3)Online Supersockes Fun. I knitted the first sock on the way to and in Vegas and hated the gauge. Knitted the second sock on 1 size smaller needles and frogged the first. Now the first is the last.
4)Fiber Trends River Stole. On hold since last Tuesday.

The best knitting bag I've ever owned made especially for the over-achieving project toter. Twenty bucks including monogramming. Lot's of nice deep pockets and storage sections. I've put aside the Lantern Moon seagrass box except for special occasions. Sometimes I'm a little too rough for the cutesy stuff.

It's funny the things your neighbors notice. One of my next door neighbors new I was feeling better when she saw me back at my "job". I'm glad I could take them before the storm came through today.


Vera said...

All your projects look great. I really like the OnLine sock--very colorful.

Theresa said...

Glad you're feeling better! How'd you like that weather we had??

Donna said...

I, too, am glad you feel better. That bag is gorgeous! So are your projects.

kathy b said...

River Stole is magnificent. Glad you got your knitting itch back. :) Little projects seem bearable in the Chicago heat. I just finished a cute little teddy bear. I am thinking of some fixation anklets. It is about as humid as it gets here in chicago. Raining buckets as I write. Guess what I cast on last night? A BERET for this winter/fall.
So glad your asthma is under control.