Thursday, June 15, 2006


This week has seen a flurry of deliveries culminating with the arrival of the bricks at 7:15 this morning. Just a I was getting my final snooze, ding-ding-ding. I heard the rumble of the 18-wheeler and knew it couldn't be for anyone but us, but since my view outside is now blocked by this;

I took a hurried glance out the window and snuggled back down only to hear the doorbell ring. I'm wondering why would anyone make a delivery that time of morning? The load of bricks came from North Carolina, so in the scheme of things I was lucky. I wonder what time he get's up?!

With the exception of the flower beds, our backyard and part of the front yard are totally destroyed. Heavy rains + mole damage + 3 super-duty forklifts = ruts and holes.

This afternoon I had a two patient and helpful assistants. Mr. 1000 was my photo assistant and his brother "Big D" was my packing assistant. Even though my batteries died as soon as I snapped the first photo, he returned to hold the gladiola which is taller than him.

Snoop, Snoop aka Mr. 1000

(I took these with the flash on. The color was so washed out. They're more red-orange than orange-red.)

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Theresa said...

Gorgeous flowers, cute helpers!! How's the building coming?