Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Design Process

For the past two weeks I have been working on a very basic raglan sweater design. I'm nearing the finish line and all that's left is to re-knit the raglan portion of the left front. In the midst of all the frogging and re-knitting I was trying to find a "good" book on sweater design. I own several but they all seemed to be lacking where this particular type of design is concerned. As I was putting the books up that I've been perusing for my next project, I came across an old gem - Montse Stanley Knitting. The patterns in this book are very dated, however the information in it on design is fantastic. I wish I had noticed it in the beginning.

This experience has given me a better appreciation for designers, especially those who continue to produce error-free patterns. It seems that a significant number of the knitting books and patterns that come out today have so much errata that it's hard to believe any "test knitting" was done. I'm sure this is probably due in part to the publishing industry's need to "strike while the iron is hot", but it's a great disservice to the knitter.

Quit Update - It's day 12 and I'm still smoke free. I've really been surprised that I haven't wanted to smoke. There's still a smoker in the house, my sister. It's not making me want to smoke, but the smell is driving me nuts!!! Now I need to get rid of the secondhand smoke.


Vera said...

I recently brought a book in which every pattern seemed to have a mistake. I'm pretty sure no one test knitted anything out of nor read the patterns carefully.

Calvin said...

I didn't know that you have a sister and the two of you live together. I learn more about you from your blog than I do from you in person, lol.