Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Maze socks are finished. This is a beautiful pair of socks which will probably never see the knitting needles again. At least not in a size 12. I consider this my sock "tour de force". They haven't been blocked yet, I'll do that tonight and they will definitely not be blocked on the sock blockers. I discovered that they are way to big for even the largest size! I had my brother try them on after the first foot was finished and they were just a little too long, so I knitted the second one a half-inch shorter and frogged the first one to match. Sometimes it's good to know what you're getting for Xmas and he can't wait to wear them. Posted by Picasa


Calvin said...

The socks turned out great. You're such a wonderful knitter. I'd be lucky just to successfully finish a pair in ONE color with just ribbing and stockinette.

Anonymous said...

What a great pair of socks -- lucky big-footed brother!