Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Slippers

Another Xmas FO. These are the Mohair Ballet Slippers from Beverly Galeska's Felted Knits. I knitted these for my niece yesterday evening using Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted in Peruvian Pink and Handpaint Originals English Garden. The colors are true in the picture. This is a quick and enjoyable knit. I also felted them last night which was fairly quick given Nature Spun's excellent felting qualities. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a quick to knit, fun gift. Posted by Picasa


nona said...

Cute slippers! They sound like a fun, quick, and satisfying project.

Calvin said...

I love the Ballet slippers. They're too cute!!

Elli Kirk said...

I too like the ballet slippers. My favourite slippers are made from felt I made and cut and sewed, when the soles wore out I ironed some black fusible fabric and then painted it with liquid latex.