Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All Color, All the Time

This weekend I purchased Sally Melville's newest book The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color. I am totally in love with this book. I've already started the KISS purse. This is my first real experience with knitting with two colors. I thought the two-handed method was really hard but when I started this pattern it suddenly clicked in. I've had the first 2 books as soon as they came out and never knitted anything from them. That's probably because I was so far beyond plain knitting and purling that nothing in them said "KNIT ME".

On the knitting front I completed the Leaf Lace Shawl on Monday. It still needs to be blocked so there will be pictures to come at a later time. I also completed the Sock It To Me Toe-Up Chevron Pattern Socks. I made these using Froelich Wolle Special Grunband 4-Fach. They ended up shorter than most socks that I make because I didn't realize that this yarn was much thicker than my usual sock knitting yarns and was only 175 yds/skein. My mom loves them none the less.

Had an MRI of the non-cooperative shoulder so I'll find out Friday morning if it's something that needs to be fixed or just nerve and muscle damage from the ongoing neck dilemma. Regardless, I'm determined to keep on knitting. Maybe not as much and not as often, but I shall knit on just the same. To this end I've decided that I've knitted quite a few pairs of socks from other peoples patterns, so I'm designing one of my own based on a lace pattern from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries. Everyone knitter should have these books in their arsenal.

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Donna said...

You have been in our thoughts, Beverly! Glad to see you blogging some and see that you are knitting.

Thanks for the testimonial on the color book. It was on my maybe list.

Hey, we have a real live yarn shop in Augusta now! Exciting, but it doesn't compare to Hook 'n Needle! Of course, it's a "baby" whereas H 'n N is quite "mature"! :) D. did a spinning demo for them yesterday and is handpainting some yarns for them to sell as well.