Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adamas Shawl

I didn't mean to take so long between blog post but life has been hectic and demanding. You think that everything is going well in your family life and a bomb drops. I can't go in detail except to say that this has been one of the most devastating events our family has had to endure and we are still trying to recover.

I finished the Adamas shawl the first part of last month but didn't get around to blocking and taking pictures until over a month later. This was our guild kal project that started in January.


Pattern: Adamas by mimknits
Yarn: Karabella Lace Merino
Needles: 5 US
Knitted: January 26, 2011 - April 7, 2011

I increased the size in order to use up the full 4 skeins of yarn on hand. I'm glad I did since this made it the perfect size for me. Graciously modeled by my mom.


Melodye said...

I'm sorry life has been so stressful for you and your family. Praying for better times.

cauchy09 said...

Gosh, I'll think happy thoughts for you and your family.

That shawl is beautiful.

Acornbud said...

Hope things are getting better for you. Your shawl is beautiful!

kathy b said...


Ive missed your posts. THe shawl is amazing and I love the color.
Many prayers for you today. Prayers that God is abundantly evident amid the chaos. Prayers that you sleep well and see clearly in the daytime. Prayers for comfort.

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous shawl, so much work and well done! Wrap yourself in it while you think of those who pray for peace and strength for you and your family. Blessings to you.