Sunday, March 06, 2011

Where's the Sock Club?

At the beginning of the year I created my own personal sock club. Last month I got out bag #1 opened it, assembled the pattern and needles and put it on the back burner when I got sidetracked by the Drip Candle socks. I realized that if I continued along this path I wouldn't get any of the socks done so I quickly cast on the Split Reed socks on the last day of February. I finally got things rolling Friday and have made good progress. The colors are much more intense than this washed out flash picture shows.

While knitting these I realized that this is the first pair of socks I've knitted for myself out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The other pairs have all gone to mom and I can see why she loves them. I tried on the foot to check the heel placement and it is soooo soft.

My mom is a hoot! She remarked yesterday that I've given up knitting for beading. As Flo used to say, "When donkeys fly!".

I promptly whipped out the sock I had worked on at machine knitting meeting and put it on. As much as I enjoy beading it will never take the place of handknitting. I doubt that I will find anything that replaces the calming meditative effect it has on me.

For those of you who also have multiple interests, how do you find the time to fit them all in? Now that I'm involved in a machine knitting guild once again I really feel the need to plan some time during the week to get on the machines and practice. That is in addition to also needing to practice on the spinning wheel and make bags for my nieces. Do you do them whem the mood strikes or do you have days designated to certain activities?

I've seen on other blogs where a certain day is designated for spinning or some other crafts. Does this really work? Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I try to figure out how to indulge in all of these things I like to do without neglecting something else.


Monika said...

When it gets too overwhelming with all the different interests, I did tell myself, that on certain days I'll do a certain craft. I needed that for a while. Then I tell myself, when I finish a project on one craft, I'm working on another from a different craft and so on. Right now it's only spinning and knitting, a little crochet. I used to do more sewing as well.
My private sock club is going well so far. :o) Oh, and I have one pair of socks made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and I love them. They felted right away, but now they are holding up really well, and they are very warm.

kathy b said...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE The socks and the colorway and It isnt even true to color life you say!
I dont do anything but knit and photography. I guess my advice is futile....I haven't walked in your shoes!
I would probably set aside a certain TIME of day for knititng, another time of day for spinning etc. IF the hour passes and I haven't done that activity I'd wait to the next day to do that activity...
Im sort of a clock person. I do certain things at certain times of the day usually....

Vera said...

That sock is knitting up very nicely. I need to start a Second Sock Club and finish up some pairs.