Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knit-Inn 2010 Part I

Wow! I didn't realize that it has been over a month since the last post. I had to deal with bad back to back colds and a back injury that kept me sidelined for a week. I'm happy to report that things are finally back to normal.

I attended the SC Knitting Guild's Knit-Inn in Greenville. As usual I had a fabulous time. I got to hang out with my Fort Mill bud Lou and caught up with some other fab knitters that I see once a year. I'm always amazed at how you don't see someone for a year yet when you get together you pick back up right where you left off.

I took three classes this year. Most of the time I wait to late and don't get in many but this year I listened to Deborah and sent my registration in early. I took a modular scarf, an I-cord and a shawl pin class. The instructors in each were fabulous and provided excellent information. I've already received permission from Michele to teach the I-cord class to our guild.

This is the shawl pin I made in class.

She also gave us enough copper to make two more at home.

We had dinner with my youngest brother on Friday and Saturday. Mom didn't take any classes so they went shopping. I delivered his blocked Xmas present and I must say that he looks very handsome in it.

Pattern: Mars Hat & Scarf from Twist Collective
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Needles: 4 US straights and dpn's
Size: One size

Moderations: No mods needed. This was an excellent pattern and is perfect for men.

I didn't shop much. I purchased two personalized baskets one for mom and one for me and a book, 101 Designer one-skein wonders. Mom purchased 4 skeins of Karabella Aurora 8. Two in red for her and two in royal blue for me for each of us to make the Garter Stitch Loop-Through scarf. I started mine on Saturday but between talking and watching the Super Bowl and basketball I'm finally almost finished knitting it. I was almost finished yesterday until I tried it on and realized that I needed to add another 2 1/2 to 3 inches to the neck.

That's Part I of the update. More to come tomorrow


Calvin said...

It was good seeing you last night. I'm glad that you had a good time in Greenville. I agree with you, your brother is handsome........just saying is all.

Monika said...

Who taught modular knitting class? Did you like modular knitting? The hat and scarf look really good on your brother!

Kathy said...

Love love love the hat in blue.

Happy Snow. I love the pin you created.

Great to read your posts again