Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This past weekend I put all these pieces together to form the lovely Little Peacock cropped cardigan. I still need to block it and sew on the button.

Mom tried it on and it's almost a regular sweater on her. She is significantly shorter than me but I don't think that if I'd made it shorter it would have complimented the design. She asked for a cropped top yet each time she's had it on she keeps trying to pull it down?! I asked her if she's sure that she wants a sweater that short.

I'm still waiting on my Skaska Triangular Shawl kit to arrive. They're busy traveling for shows and classes and haven't been back in town to get it together and send it off. In the interim I decided to cast on a shawl using the Silk Garden Sock I recently purchased at the Christmas in July sale at the Hook N Needle. I'm using Evelyn Clark's Knitted Lace Triangles for the design. This basically means that I use the book to plug in the patterns that I want to use.

I think it's ironic that I just finished the Little Peacock cardigan and this shawl reminds me of the colors of a peacocks tail. Growing up there used to be peacocks on the property behind us and every now and then one would come up the hill and we would see its' beautiful tail unfurled. It's not a sight often seen these days.

The Silk Garden Sock was on sale for $10.00 so mom and I purchased 3 skeins each of two different colors for shawls. So far I like the colors. I getting ready to phase into the purple and then the aqua. I'm hoping that by the time I finish this my other shawl project will have arrived.

The hunt is on for the next sweater. I'm thinking of doing either a Berroco or Rowan design. I have designs in mind as well as the yarn for swatching. At the same time, I'm debating whether or not I'll enter anything in the state fair. I don't have anything in mind and time is winding down. For the moment I'm going to play it by ear and if anything strikes my fancy I'll go from there.

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Kathy said...

I do think you are on a peacock roll there my friend! Such amazing colors for summer anyhow, you cannot go wrong. I've heard peacocks scream........wowza.