Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Things have calmed down. The blood sugar levels are back within normal ranges and I can see extremely well. So well that I don't need glasses except for reading. The optometrist has assured me that this is not a permanent condition and that my regular impaired vision will return in about another 1-2 months. My left eye at this time requires no vision correction and is doing all the work since the vision has returned to its' normal near-sightedness in my right eye. I also have no vision correction for reading in my right eye but require reading glasses to assist the left eye. He says that the good thing is that I'll be able to use my eyes as a barometer for blood sugar control in addition to the daily testing.

I attended the Middleton Place Sheep and Wool Days two weekends ago and had a nice outing. Mom and knitting buds Calvin and Millie made up the posse.

I saw sheep including a precious baby that was only two weeks old. The mom was being sheared and was a little upset that she was taken away from her baby. Two boisterous alpacas and inquisitive mohair goats. There were several demos going on including spinning, pottery, blacksmithing and dyeing.

I didn't have much time to actually tour the gardens and would like to make another trip just for that purpose.

We left the gardens headed for Knit! in downtown Charleston. I walked in and who did I see but Vera of Vera's Crafty Blog. She was very nice and took time out from knitting to chat. I'm looking forward to seeing her again when she makes it up this way.

I didn't make many purchases this time only a new knitting bag, 3 skeins of Koigu for socks, another pom pom maker and the book "A Garden Stroll". The book was only $5.00 and is one of the better purchases I've made in a while.

I also managed to finish the pieces for the Viola shell I'm making for mom. I've put the shoulders together twice but I'm not pleased with the way they look and will more than likely graft them together. I started a pair of socks in the blue Happily Hand-Painted yarn from North Woods Farm Fiber and Yarn that I purchased at the Greenville Knit-In. I'm loving the dye job and won't have to worry about any pooling and flashing. The pattern is Seed-Stitch Ribbing from MSKS.

Normally I post pictures of the flowers currently in bloom in our yard. I've been focused on other things but this weekend I couldn't miss the rose pictured. It is about 8 inches across and is the biggest rose I've ever seen.

There were several other large roses on this bush. It isn't in the best of shape but it produces some spectacular flowers each year. We are still in the process of planting and re-doing beds in the back yard. This is my favorite time of the year. The time of rebirth and renewal.


kathy b said...

Im thrilled to see you posting again. Have been concerned but know that the adjustment time is draining when newly diagnosed.

So glad you are back. Enjoyed every image on this post as always.

Love the book you bought!

Vera said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better, and it was nice meeting you and your mother.

I went to the festival the next day. It was small, but nice. I enjoyed the dogs.

Theresa said...

Of course Vera was there!! I just hope that when I get back there, she's there again!
Glad to hear that your health is under control, AND I loved the pic of your rose. I bought my first GA rose bush - called Memphis - red and white striped, like a peppermint!

Deborah said...

That was really educational about how your eyes adjust according to your blood sugar.

The pictures are great and love that rose. Nice that you got to meet Vera!

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

great post.Glad you are doing better... love the pictures... thanks,,, You have been tagged.. see my blog for details.:D