Monday, December 10, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Each year I knit a few more ornaments to add to the Christmas tree. Some years I may only have time to knit 1 or 2 and others I may add at least six. We rotate through four color schemes so it never gets boring.

So far I've done 4, including one that was complete with the exception of having the top glued on. It looks like I may complete the Victorian color theme. I've already strung the remaining colors and will take time this weekend to complete the remaining skeins. It takes me about an hour to make one with the pulling and pushing of beads up and down the strand.

Ornaments thus far are:


Double Diamonds


Ups and Downs

This is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas holiday.


Acornbud said...

cool idea. I've only knit one so far. Yours are much prettier.

Calvin said...

I LOVE the ornaments. Such beautiful work, as always.

Monika said...

Lovely ornaments. No wonder you love this part of Christmas! :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely ornaments!

Theresa said...

absolutely beautiful!