Monday, December 11, 2006

Maybe New Year

I know that's a strange name for a post, but it would seem that the fates have conspired against us. The kitchen will not be complete for Xmas and probably not for New Year's either. The refrigerator space is too small which means that some of the cabinets will need to be disassembled and spacers added. Aside from the refrig sitting in the middle of the floor and the missing microwave most of the kitchen is completed. The convection oven is in so that will ease some of the workload on the main oven.

I've already begun prep since I'll be the main cook for the day. Mom's having her knee scoped on the 19th so that leaves me as the sole chef. It's funny but last Xmas I was in the same situation because she had injured her knee.

The Log Cabin socks are 50% complete. I'm making a men's size 14 and these puppies are nice and warm. Other than the extreme amount of shedding that is occurring this yarn is very nice to knit.

One foot done with a fish mouth toe. I don't know if these are long enough so just to be on the safe side I haven't grafted the toe.

This isn't a great pic but it shows the depth of the cables and the pattern better than any of the other photos.

This pic shows the true color of the yarn. The pattern is excellent and little brother should love these manly socks.

There are a few more things to cast on. One more bolero, a pair of slippers and maybe a shawl.

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Hey Beverly,
It was nice meeting you today at our lys.