Saturday, November 04, 2006


This shawl has been very slow in emerging from it's cocoon. The time has finally come for it to spread its' wings and show the beauty it has been hiding. Tonight I'll block it and cast on for the Charlotte's Web or the Flower Basket shawl.

More CTH Supersock is on the needle. I cast these on Thursday night. This colorway caught my eye when I visited Knit in Charleston. I'm debating whether or not to put a pattern on them. The colors are so vibrant. They are a tone darker than they appear in this picture. ( I had to use the flash to get the colors to come out.)

I tried out the Bosworth Midi and it is wonderful. It truly seems as if it will spin forever. I was amazed at how balanced the yarn was once plied. Usually I put in too much twist or too little. So far my satisfaction quotient is hight. I'm currently spinning on the Kokovoko spindle and will end with the Yost spindle.

I'm also still sorting out the Xmas projects. Too many decisions to make and time is quickly slipping away. The holiday season is definitely a very bad time to have renovations going in your house. It kinda puts the bah-humbug in it. There's no room for visitors or entertaining. We'll be ready before Xmas which hopefully will put everyone in the holiday spirit.


Vera said...

Love the shawl, and great sock yarn. Did you get it from Knit?

Donna said...

Oh, aren't those little Bossies great? Donald adjusted the hook on my new one, and it spins fabulously now. It had been fine, but now seems like it does spin forever.