Tuesday, January 03, 2006

De Colores has Tilted

After knitting panel after panel, De Colores had to meet an unpleasant demise. A visit to the frog pond! My choice of the main color was all wrong. I've often been told I have a great sense of color, but we all must be brought back to reality at some point in time. My head is now a couple of sizes smaller.

I am however very pleased with the latest endeavour. It's Tilt by Natalie Wilson from knitty. My mom kept saying the colors in De Colores were fine, but that was just to humor me. She's much more pleased with this sweater and even though it wasn't ready for Xmas she'll be wearing it soon. The body part is rather tedious, being all stockinette, but I'm breaking that up by working one of the upper sections after each large piece. This jacket has the neatest shaping for the yokes and is truly an inspired design.

I'm still making progress on the Pharoah's Check socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. These are my other late Xmas present for oldest brother who wears a size 13. The actual color is more of a burgundy or gamecock red.I'm glad my youngest brother who wears a size 14 and my oldest nephew who wears a size 15 don't understand the pleasure of handknit socks.


kathy b said...

Your colorway is so beautiful on the sweater. I can't wait to see it as it comes along!

Donna said...

Tilt is a gorgeous pattern, and I love the yarn you chose.

Those socks are nice, too!

We stocked up at Maureen's on Saturday. I had my PDA all set with my wish list, so it was rather an organized event.