Monday, January 16, 2006

Breaking New Ground

I accomplished my goal this weekend and completed all the pieces of Tilt. It's presently on the blocking board which will take two stages. The large body sections and two of the yokes are the first pieces being blocked. I'm anxious to get it all put together. In the meantime I've started on this.

It's a semi-fitted raglan cardigan I'm designing using Noro Silver Thaw.I'm calling it the Promise of Spring because of the softly muted springtime colors. Silver Thaw is a wool/angora/nylon mix that has a most unusual feel. It feels almost papery but knits very smoothly. It is a single that is more tightly spun than the Silk Garden. The color changes are more random and the lengths of color smaller than those found in Kureyon and Silk Garden. So far, I haven't experienced any of the aggravating knots or drifting apart that can occur with some Noro yarns. This yarn comes in 100 gram/240 yd skeins, which means I grossly over bought and will definitely be making a yarn exchange.

As for the socks, I did give him a little time at the allergist's office on Friday while I was undergoing the required after shot wait. In order to appease the sock spirits that have been so very good to me (knitting socks was how I got my hand to work again after the neck ordeal last year), I'm getting ready to start on him tonight and give him his proper place on the knitting throne.


Donna said...

What gorgeous yarn! Did you find that H 'n N? Considering the amount of money I've spent on yarn already this year, maybe I better hold off on getting some! :)

Anonymous said...

That is such lovely yarn. The colors are perfect for spring!!!