Sunday, April 10, 2005

Oh My Aching Neck

For the past 8 to 9 months I've been battling increasing neck pain. Went to the doctor in December and the diagnosis was degenerative arthritis. Treatment was hot/cold packs, Darvocet for the pain and Mobic for the inflammation. For 3 months I didn't take anything for the pain figuring it would eventually go away. Well after taking the initial prescription and getting two more prescriptions on seperate occasions for stronger pain medicines and visits to my doctor twice I finally have the real diagnosis. Two slightly bulging cervical disc, one bulged cervical disc, a pinched nerve and a more severe form of degenerative arthritis. Needless to say there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting or anything else.

I finished my sister's jubilee socks, my mom's regia jacquard colors socks and I've knitted a pair of the broadripples from Knitty for me. I've been home for 2 weeks on my back most of the time as sitting or standing is too painful. Hopefully traction will help get them back in position and I can avoid the dreaded surgery. Until then, I won't be blogging much.


Donna said...

I am so sorry to hear this, Beverly. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

soapy said...

I'm so sorry and boy do I feel your pain and frustration as well! I have pretty much the same and narcotics don't do it for me anymore, it's been years of differnet treatment avenues! ;o(( Seems to flare up more intenses every couple weeks like clokwork! I stay moving with my spinning or knitting the best I can, use lots of heat and ice packs and other treatments but dont' give up on kniting! If anything you can keep a peace of mind..... Your NOT
btw~ have your tried either lidocaine or fentnyal patches or botox injections for some relief?

or even acupuncture!

Take care!

Sandy said...

I really know how you feel. I have degenerative osteoarthritis in my neck, hands, and knees. I have failed neck surgery and have 2 discs sitting on my spinal cord. I am allergic to most pain pill and can only use Darvoct. I love to knit and crochet! When I am not in too much pain, I knit or crochet. I find that doing something creative for someone else is great therapy. You sound like a wonderful person. I do hope you are ok and will come back to blogging.