Saturday, February 12, 2011

Take a Chill Pill or Time Out Anyone?

After a two month break we had a beading session today. We always have lunch before getting started and today Millie's mom made some great chili, Nancy prepared a wonderful salad and Gail made delicious homemade salsa and cornbread. For dessert I made Molten Chocolate Cakes and Calvin brought coffee and french vanilla ice cream. I haven't made this dessert in a very long time and it was every bit as good as I remember.

Our planned project was the spiral peyote bracelet. This project did not come easy to me and I experienced some serious frustration trying to get it started. My way to deal with project frustation whether it be knitting, sewing, beading or programming is to take a time out and step away for a while to clear my head and let my frustation level subside.

Millie took a look at what I was doing and realized that I was working clockwise instead of counterclockwise. This solved the problem and once I got restarted things went smoothly.

Looking at what I originally thought would be just a bracelet, I'm now considering making a bracelet and matching necklace with coordinating earrings. I don't typically wear a lot of gold or goldtoned jewelry anymore but I do wear a lot of red and I love the look of the bracelet. I don't want to get in the habit of making a lot of random pieces and would love to have some sets.

I made it to the heel of the Drip Candle socks Thursday and was not at all pleased with the results. Colinette Jitterbug is closer to sportweight and I chose to use it for the heel. This resulted in a bulky and not to attractive heel when compared with the rest of the sock. I sought mom's opinion and she agreed so I ripped the entire heel out last night. I will use the green supersock instead. In the photo you can still see some of the blue but that has also been frogged.

This has been a great weekend and tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day. I plan to get back to work on the almost finished test knitting and sit out on the deck for a change and enjoy the sun. I hope that you are having a beautiful weekend as well.


kathy b said...

Your bead jewelry is just lovely Bev! How wonderful that you have your sweet mom to brainstorm with! I hope my AL and I will be doing the same for a long long time to come. ALthough I go to HER for advice. She is the better knitter no doubt.

I find it painful to rip out tiny those stitches. Good for you will be happy with them in the end.
Enjoy the deck for me! Still darn cold in Chicago!

Acornbud said...

Pretty peyote! I love the look but all those tiny beads!!!

Kirsten said...

Nifty beading! I must learn to do this! I have so many little beads and the twist is intriguing.