Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Sock History

First things first. The first completed Socktoberfest project. This pair of socks has been in the works for several months and since there are several projects that need to enter the rotation due to the upcoming holidays and many more socks to be made, I decided to finally finish them this weekend.

Pattern: Openwork Ribs from Sensational Knitted Socks
Needles: 1 US Inox dpn's
Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color Clown
Size: Women's 10 narrow
Started: 7/22/2006 Finished: 10/08/2006

Modifications: I rarely follow the heel and toe instructions. This was the first sock in my heel and toe experiment. I used the Magic Cast-on and the PGR short-row heel. These were fun to knit and the leg pattern is really quick to work if you commit to stick to it. It repeats over 4 rows and 3 of those are simple K2P2 ribbing. The yarn is very soft and mom will have to see how it holds up over the long haul.

When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class? I started making socks in the fall of '01. I decided to make socks for most of my nieces and nephews for Xmas that year. It was my first time knitting Xmas presents and I finished each pair. One of my nephews was around 2 at the time and when I tried to get him to try his socks on the DPN's still in them he was terrified. It was a full year before he would put the socks on and he ended up wearing them all the time around the house. They all have their socks as they have refused to pass down any of their knitted gifts.

I taught myself using a generic sock pattern from the lys.

What was your first pair? How have they "held up" over time?My first pair was from a Regia leaflet and had looped fringed around the top. It was a basic top-down sock pattern worked in 2 strands of Regia 4fadig Clown color. They are stored in my nieces drawer. She outgrew them a few years ago.

What would you have done differently?Not a single thing. They turned out great and fit perfectly.

What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?I've used Regia, Froelich Wolle, Online, Mountain Colors and I'm using Cherry Tree Hill for the first time. I like them all for their own unique reasons. My favorites at the moment are the MC and CTH. I have some Sundara Sock in the stash to try and will try other brands. I haven't tried Koigu for socks. I love it in the shawl I made but I balked at paying $30+ for a pair of socks which is about what it would cost for the 3 skeins I need to make a pair for my large feet. However, I'm still interested in trying more of the premium sock yarns that are available.

Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?I've never tried crocheting socks. My preference is DPN's. I do use the 2 circ method, but I've never tried the Magic Loop. It's not on my radar at the moment.

Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)
How many pairs have you made? For years I used the flap heel. One of my Guild members showed me a short-row method that I've used for the past year 1 1/2 when working toe-up. This summer I started trying different methods for toes and heels and my current fav is the PGR short-row heel. That is subject to change as I try and experiment with other techniques.

How many pairs have you made? 22. I now have 2 pairs on the needles.

After a little trial and error, I've decided to use a pattern called the "Comma Stitch" on the leg of the sock.

It's hard to photograph because it blends into the background colors of the sock. The pattern is very visible in person and is not distracting from the coloring of the yarn. I love the way it's there but not in your face there.


Acornbud said...

That's a lot of socks. You are a brave soul to try all those short row heels. I have yet to try Cherry Hill.

Vera said...

The bamboo socks look great! I need to do my Sock History soon.

Monika said...

Lovely color, what is it?