Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something Special

I'm taking a break from test knitting while some pattern changes are worked out. This is the perfect time to start and most likely complete my latest baby project. When Anne Hanson of Knitspot first showed pictures of the Inky Dinky sweater on her blog I knew it was one I'd eventually make. I e-mailed her earlier this month to ask when the pattern would be released. Of course she soon replied and said it would be this past week so I kept looking and downloaded it as soon as it became available.

In keeping with my pledge to knit from stash I cast on using some Sirdar Snuggly DK in a nice shade of pink.

The pattern starts with the sleeves knitted first. I encountered an error in the chart for the beginning of the 18 month size. I've already reported it and made the correction on my sleeve.

I'm sure I'll knit this again. Inky Dinky could easily become a "go to pattern" for babies and toddlers. I have a grandniece and goddaugther who would look precious in one of these. I also have quite a bit of undyed yarn in the stash so I'm considering dyeing yarn just for these two projects. It has been a long time since I've done some dyeing and this pattern will look lovely knitted in a semi-solid colorway.

I was asked at our knit-in today if I was really going on a yarn diet. I told them yes and then someone wanted to know if I was having trouble sticking to my plan. My answer was no, anytime I think about buying yarn I just step into the craft room and look at what I already have. Will it always be this easy? I doubt it but I'm willing to work the plan I have in mind and save a few bucks along the way.


Monika said...

This really is a cute Baby sweater. I'm on a yarn diet too, but I bought yarn on Jan. 2 because the update should have been at the end of last year, and I was going to buy then. Unfortunately I didn't tell myself to go on a fiber diet as well, and have bought some more.

Vera said...

That's going to be super cute. Like that the pattern has lots of sizes.

kathy b said...

I LOVED the INKY DINKY pattern when I saw it. YOU are the perfect knitter to knit it up. Way too complex for me. It is a gorgeous baby knit! I can't wait to see yours !

cici said...

such a cute sweater. I am also on a yarn diet, like you, every time I think of buying yarn, I think of my already enormous stash♥