Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back to Normal

Our little visitor Gina went home to Georgia yesterday evening. Prior to that, the house and yard were bustling with activity. Her sisters, Brenna and Jessica from Aiken and my nephews, Darius and Jaylon, who live here in Columbia, made for a rambunctious crowd.

Niece #2, Brenna spent most of the time inside with me. She's always been quieter and more mature than the others for her age. So serious for such a young child. I took several pictures and this one is the clearest. I usually have lovely pictures of her so I'll have to do better the next time.


These are the entertainers. Running, screaming, playing, joking and just having an all around good time. The boys and their sister, Kayla, don't live that far from us so we see them often.

Darius, Jessica and Jaylon

The most recent sock project was started Friday evening. Gina with all the innocence of a 3-year old wanted to know what I was making Thursday night as we lay across from each other on the sofas. When I replied socks, she asked "Will you make me a pair just like you're doing?" She is one of the most articulate toddlers I've known and of course Auntie couldn't say no. They won't be like mine, but they're perfect for a rascal and a sweetie.

I'm making them using my usual toe-up sock except this time I've done the short-row heel a la "Simple Socks Plain and Fancy" by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and a picot edging. Both are new methods for me. I tried the short-row method when I first picked this book up out of the sale bin at the lys almost 2 years ago and didn't make too much sense out of it. Friday night I tried the "Generic Toe-Up" pattern from Wendyknits and the heel looked like crap. I ripped it and turned to the knitting library for help. Voila! It all made perfect sense and their are no gaping holes like the ones in the first attempt.

I'm undecided as to whether this will work for me or mom but I'm going to give it a try. The short-row heel and instep fits beautifully on a toddlers chunky little feet.

Toddler Ringel Color Socks

In renovation news, the builder finally called today to explain why we haven't seen them in over 2 1/2 weeks. They had to finish 2 other houses. Anger doesn't adequately describe the state my sister and I had reached not just with them, but with mom's absolute refusal to call and see what the hell was going on. Here's hoping that they go ahead and get the addition finished. Then we'll be halfway to completion.


Theresa said...

Those kids sure are cute!! It sounds like it was a wild (and wooley - ha-ha!) time for everyone. I still can't believe you got knitting accomplished!

Donna said...

What cuties! I didn't know you had family in Aiken. That's just a half hour from where we live.