Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today was the day to find out what won the sweepstakes award.

Heavenly Blue Cardigan

I personally think this is one of my finest pieces of knitting. I loved knitting with the sportweight and have several projects in line that will be done in sport or fingering weight.

We, the Palmetto Purlers, had our demo at he fair today. Lots of people stopped by to admire the knits we had on hand and to learn more about our guild.

Today was probably a record admission day. It was the first time in 3 years that it didn't rain on opening day. Couple that with the $1.00 admission and you have all the makings of a record. I'll go again next week when mom gets back in town and look at the other exhibits.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I am knitting this pattern now from Strick's Beyond Wool book. For some reason I am having trouble starting the lace pattern on the sleeves. I contact Candace and she thought there was errata on this pattern, but it's not listed at the publishers. Did you have any trouble with the pattern or is it just me? If you corrected the set up for the lace pattern on the sleeves, how did you do so? thanks, Phyllis