Sunday, March 04, 2007

First Steps

I recently entered a drawing which asked you to describe in a maximum of two sentences how you learned to knit. My mom taught me to sew when I was ten years old. I remember going to elementary school with my sister dressed in matching outfits. That was all well and good except for the fact that I am four years older than her.

I don't recall why but I suddenly had the urge to learn to crochet when I was thirteen. Knitting wasn't really on my raider at the time. With a 60 cent "Learn How To" booklet by Coats and Clark, I spent the summer of '63 learning not only how to crochet, but to knit, tat and embroider. I devoured every inch of that booklet and recently came across it again when I was moving some books into the craft room.

While I've managed to find a place for most things, I'm having a hard time putting the booklet away. It represents so much more than a booklet with a basically ugly odd shade of green cover.

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Acornbud said...

What nice memories. Amazing what you learned from that one little booklet. A precious memento.